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Understanding Addition

This new companion workbook, designed to work alongside the Make Music Count app, integrates addition exercises with music-related activities. As students solve addition problems, they unlock musical notes and rhythms, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. Ideal for early learners and those needing extra practice, this workbook provides a creative format for mastering addition.n eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat.


Understanding Subtraction

Make learning subtraction an exciting journey with our Subtraction Workbook. This new companion workbook works in harmony with the Make Music Count app, combining subtraction problems with musical exercises. Students solve subtraction problems to complete musical sequences, reinforcing their math skills while enjoying the process. Perfect for young learners or anyone looking for a creative method to master subtraction, this workbook offers an engaging and effective learning experience.


Understanding Multiplication

Discover the joy of learning multiplication through music with our Multiplication Workbook. This companion workbook, designed to work alongside the Make Music Count app, combines fundamental multiplication exercises with engaging musical activities. Students solve multiplication problems to unlock musical notes, creating an interactive experience that reinforces math skills while fostering a love for music. Perfect for reinforcing classroom lessons or providing additional practice at home, this workbook makes learning multiplication fun and memorable.


Understanding Division

Transform division into a harmonious adventure with our Division Workbook. This companion workbook works in tandem with the Make Music Count app to introduce division concepts through a blend of math and music. Students solve division problems to progress through musical activities, enhancing their understanding and retention of division. By connecting mathematical solutions with music creation, students enjoy a creative and enjoyable learning experience. Ideal for students needing extra practice or a unique approach to division.


Understanding Algebra

Explore algebra with a musical twist in our Algebra Workbook. Designed to make algebra concepts accessible and fun, this companion workbook complements the Make Music Count app by combining solving algebraic equations with musical creativity. Students practice algebraic thinking by completing problems that reveal musical patterns, enhancing their problem-solving skills and appreciation for both math and music. Suitable for reinforcing algebra lessons and providing an interactive learning experience.


Understanding Fractions

Bridge the gap between fractions and music with our Fractions Workbook. This companion workbook is designed to supplement learning alongside the Make Music Count app, offering a unique way to understand and apply fractional concepts. Students engage in activities where solving fraction problems leads to musical rewards, making abstract concepts concrete and engaging. This approach improves fraction comprehension and fosters a positive attitude towards math and music, making learning fractions delightful.